Which Materials to Choose in Smile Design?

The first thing we do when meeting people is to smile. People who can laugh easily are generally more impressive and successful in their social and business life. Having a beautiful smile is your biggest help in opening all doors in your life. A confident and sincere smile is like an unlimited credit card in your pocket. If you appreciate its value and make an effort to protect it, its expiration date is for life.


Thanks to its light transmittance properties, it provides a complete harmony with natural teeth. Since there is no metal reflection underneath, there is absolutely no artificial image. Since it is a tissue-friendly material, it is not allergic. It is advantageous in terms of general body health compared to metal supported prostheses. Since the heat insulation feature is very good, the teeth do not have hot/cold sensitivity since they transmit less heat to the teeth than porcelain with metal base. Excellent aesthetic results can be obtained even on very dark colored teeth, as it has the ability to mask the color of the teeth coming from below. Since they are produced with a sensitive work, they are perfectly compatible with the cut tooth surface. Since there is no gap between the zirconium porcelain and the tooth where bacteria can leak, it does not allow the formation of caries.

Hemen Ara
Yol Tarifi