What Causes Bad Breath?

It is an important health problem that affects the social life of many people, which is a nightmare. The cause of bad breath can be more than one thing, but hygiene is undoubtedly the first place. Failure to pay attention to oral hygiene It leads to deterioration of oral health, cavities and bad breath.
• What causes bad breath?
• Bad breath is a harbinger of which diseases?
• How does bad breath pass?
• What are the methods that prevent bad breath?
• Halitosis problem, which affects the person badly in his social life, can actually be caused by a health problem, how does bad breath (breath odor) pass?
is among the frequently asked questions. Bad breath, which is called halitosis in the medical literature, can be caused by many health problems from dental caries to sinusitis. Although bad breath can be eliminated in the short term, it is necessary to go to the source and perform the necessary treatment for the definitive solution of the problem. So how do you get rid of bad breath? Here is everything you need to know about bad breath (breath odor)…

• Calculus formation. The formation of tartar, which is shown as one of the important causes of bad breath, is a factor that causes bad odor in the mouth.
• Gingivitis. Gingivitis, which develops in parallel with the formation of tartar, is another reason that triggers bad breath.
• Systemic diseases. Diseases such as stomach ailments, diabetes, ear nose and throat ailments, postnasal drip, sinus inflammation are also one of the reasons for the formation of bad breath.
• Intraoral problems. Many studies show that the biggest cause of bad breath is local, that is, conditions arising from intraoral problems. We can list these situations as follows:
• Poorly made prostheses,
• Caries in the mouth,
• Not having proper oral hygiene,
• Not brushing enough teeth,
• Not brushing the tongue,
• Not using dental floss
• Presence of bacterial environment in the mouth

• Take care to brush your teeth at least twice a day.
• Change your toothbrush as often as possible.
• Brush not only your teeth, but also your tongue.
• Pay attention to the use of dental floss.
• Make a mouthwash.
• Chew sugarless gum.
• Go to the dentist at least twice a year.
• Increase water consumption.

Hemen Ara
Yol Tarifi