Fear Ends with Sedation (Sleep Treatment) in Children and Adults…

There is a way to facilitate dental treatment for patients who experience classic fear of the dentist: sedation. Various drugs can be used for this process, which also means calming. These drugs can be given through a mask placed in the nose, or they can be administered intravenously. In dentistry, sedation can be applied to people who feel very nauseous during the procedure, to those who have too much communication difficulties to allow treatment, to patients who have had diabetes or blood pressure problems for a long time, during procedures that may take a long time, and sometimes only at the request of the patient.
In this procedure, the patient does not lose consciousness completely and can follow the instructions given by the physician. Sedation does not prevent the patient from feeling pain.

After sedation is applied, the patient should be given additional anesthesia. In the meantime, the patient is relieved of his worries and is in a position to cooperate. Since stress does not occur, patients with diabetes and blood pressure problems can be operated without any problems. There is no fainting, vomiting or fatigue during the procedure. As soon as the drug is stopped, its effects on the patient begin to decrease, and the patient can be sent home without any problems after resting. When the effect of sedation wears off, the person does not remember any procedure, including anesthesia.

Hemen Ara
Yol Tarifi