Prosthetic Dentistry treats missing teeth with applications such as crowns, bridge systems and denture prosthesis.


Zirconium is a white color, light permeable metal. It is used as a substructure of porcelain material applied on fixed dentures, it is highly resistant, has high biocompatibility and aesthetic success. It is a good alternate for metal-supported fixed dentures and there is no grey colour gingiva. The most important feature is that the light permeability of such a solid material is good. This gives very good aesthetic results. It is the ideal tooth covering material which can be used comfortably in patients with metal allergy. The thermal conductivity of zirconium is low, it does not sensitize the teeth.

It can be applied to both front and back teeth. It is suitable for use on single tooth covers or bridge prosthesis. Zirconium can also be applied on the implants. The choice of tissue-friendly material against infections that may occur and the proper technique and careful study of the dentist have made zirconium successful in implant-assisted prosthesis.

Porcelain Laminate

In the front teeth, it is a type of fixed prosthesis made of porcelain material used for aesthetic purposes. It can be applied to teeth with broken teeth or worn teeth, slight blurring, bleaching colorations and surface defects. It is quite incised and transparent. It gives very good aesthetic results.
Its implementation is quite conservative. Very little cut is made on the front surface of the teeth. Porcelain lamina fitting to the shaped tooth is prepared in the laboratory and adhered to the teeth by the dentist.

It is made of porcelain material so it does not color after years. Resistant to abrasion. It does not separate from the tooth surface. As with any fixed, porcelain-containing prosthesis, care should be taken to regular checks and it should not be forgotten that the life span is between 5-10 years.

Hemen Ara
Yol Tarifi