Implants used to replace missing tooth. Implants are artificial tooth roots made from titanium. For missing teeth dental bridges or special fixed dentures are applied by using artificial tooth roots. In addition to conventional implantation, advanced procedures such as same-day tooth, same-day implant, all on four, all on six are also applied in Zeds Dental.

Dental Implant

It is an artificial tooth root which is placed in the jawbone to restore the chewing function and aesthetics in tooth deficiencies and which can be made of titanium and prosthetically made with various materials. Any implant can be applied if there is bone in place to implant in single tooth or multiple tooth deficiencies. It is not possible to apply to patients whose bone development has not been completed but it is possible to apply to the older patients whose health status is available.

Only the area to be implanted is numbed by the local anesthesia so that the patient feels nothing and the implant is placed inside the bone within ten minutes. After the procedure, the drugs to be used and the rules to be applied are explained to the patient and the patient is sent. After three, four or six months, the patient is called for the patient’s prosthesis construction and the implant-porcelain preparation is completed within one or two weeks.
The implant is preferred, especially in the case of single tooth deficiencies because of the presence of the appropriate bone and because it is a more protective treatment than the bridge application. It allows the patient to use a fixed prosthesis instead of a moving prosthesis in multiple tooth deficiencies or complete absence of teeth.
If the bone in the area to be implanted is insufficient, bone in that area can be made suitable for implant construction before or during implant construction with the graft material taken from the patient him or herself or taken from the outside.

All on Four

It is an implant technique applied in cases of complete toothlessness. A patient who does not want to use a moving prosthesis and does not have a bone that can be used as a standard fixed prosthesis is applied. It is the first stage of treatment with four implants placed on one jaw bone at a certain angle and temporary fixed prosthesis made on the same day. After three months waiting, permanent prosthesis is made. It is done with local anesthesia like standard implant applications and the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. Despite the fact that it is a newer treatment compared to other implant applications, it has been determined that scientific studies have high success rate in long term follow-up.

Aesthetic Dentistry aims to improve the health, beauty and appearance of your smile. Aesthetic Dentistry services includes such operations as teetth bleaching through laser, porcelain laminate crowns, dental bridges, inlays, onleys, replacing amalgam fillings with white fillings, changing colored fillings, bonding.

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