I don’t want to be toothless while having an implant. Is there a solution?

The fear of being toothless for a while in the treatment of the implant causes the patients to avoid the treatment. In this case, temporary prostheses come to the rescue.

Before starting the treatment, the patients who have all or most of their teeth removed are the most curious and the most hesitant to start the treatment; Whether a temporary prosthesis can be made to replace the missing teeth after the implant operation. We, the physicians, also want our patients not to walk without teeth during a treatment process that can take between one and six months. Toothless walking not only affects the social life of patients, but also affects their general health and phonation. Patients who undergo the treatment process without teeth, withdraw from their social relationships and withdraw into themselves. This can make them feel depressed and depressed. The duty of us physicians is to complete the treatment process without compromising the comfort of the patients during this period. Patients with speech problems do not go out in public and their nutrition also creates problems.

May Cause Tissue Loss

Especially in the pre-aesthetic areas that affect the patient’s aesthetics, this fear causes many patients to delay their treatment. This causes tissue loss and an increase in the problem in the area. The extraction areas of the patients to be prosthesised can be closed with a temporary prosthesis after the bleeding ends. This provides our patient with aesthetic relief until the day the permanent prosthesis is placed. This temporary prosthesis gives both the patient and the physician an idea about the permanent prosthesis to be made. It is important to use temporary veneers in line with the recommendations of the physician and to regularly care for the mouth and teeth. Forcing temporary dentures with a toothpick or trying to get between them with dental floss will cause your coating to come off. During the use of temporary prosthesis, hard and sticky foods should be avoided. Since the material of temporary coatings is generally acrylic (plastic) based, it is not very durable and hard foods can cause your temporary denture to break. It is important that your dental treatment is not interrupted after the temporary dentures are placed. It is possible that the coatings that are used for a long time or by not following your doctor’s recommendations or that are loosened but not adhered to come off, break or are swallowed, and your doctor is not responsible for this situation. In the process that will pass until the permanent teeth are made, cleaning the implants by brushing like the teeth is at least as important as your own teeth. What you should not forget is that oral care is done regularly.

Hemen Ara
Yol Tarifi