I Also Protect My Side Teeth By Having Implants

I Also Protect My Side Teeth by Having Implants

Implant is the method that provides the closest to normal chewing without interfering with other teeth. If the gaps in the mouth are not filled and the implant is not made, serious deterioration will occur in the jaw structure. It is an artificial tooth root that is placed in the jaw instead of missing teeth. The most biologically compatible element to the human body is titanium. Implants are mostly made of titanium, and the rate of fusion to the jawbone is quite high. Implants are used extensively today. It appeals to a wide audience, from single tooth deficiencies to total edentulous patients. Moreover, it is done without any intervention on your other teeth. Thanks to the implants, you can have the closest chewing feeling to normal. Of course, the quality and brand of the implant is of great importance.

Hemen Ara
Yol Tarifi