How Do Dentists Take Precautions in Corona?

The danger of Covid-19 continues, but now dental treatments are required. There are precautions that both dentists and patients should take. Physicians should pay extra attention to the cleanliness of the instruments and clinics they use, and patients should minimize contact with other patients by following the appointment time.

The effect of the coronavirus epidemic has not passed yet, the danger continues. But we also need to do some treatments. Since we do not know how long the epidemic will last, you can also complete your treatments if your health allows. Of course, following some rules. This week, I will explain the rules about the places where dental treatment is done… Relatives of the patients should be kept outside the place. If the patient has a disability to be examined alone, a companion can accompany him/her. However, the relatives of the patients should also be protected according to all isolation rules.

Hemen Ara
Yol Tarifi