Periodontology is the branch of science that deals with the treatment of gingiva diseases and gingiva recessions.

Gingiva Treatments

Gingiva color is usually referred to as coral pink. Gingiva color may vary among individuals and is a condition related to pigmentation in the background. It appears lighter in light-skinned people and darker in darker skin. The surface structure of a healthy gum is rough and orange-skinned. This rough surface disappears when the health of your gums deteriorates. Gingivitis is caused by tooth stones that accumulate in the upper part of the gingiva or in the gingiva when the gingival disease is impaired or when we define it as gum disease.
Tooth stone cleaning; is the cleansing of tooth stones, handpieces and ultrasonic devices that can cause infection, bleeding and pain in the gums when they accumulate.

When not cleaned, in the long term, damage to the bones around the teeth and removal of the gums is observed. One of the goals of cleaning the teeth is to clean the stains on the teeth and make the teeth look white.

Curettage; is the local anesthetic clearance of the bacterial focus within the gingival pocket when gingival problems and tooth stones go deep into the tissues.
Flap operation; when there are areas that can not be reached with curettage, the region is opened surgically, we see the root of teeth and clean, we are closed with suture.
Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty; asymmetric or even longer gums should be corrected by cutting with one seance, local anesthesia. With this method, smile aesthetic is obtained.

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