Do I Have to Have My 2o Teeth Extracted?

The reason why the 20-year-old teeth, which are the last molars, cannot find a place in the mouth, is the shrinkage of the jaw structure of the human generation fed with soft foods. You never know when these teeth will bother you; It can cause problems after the age of 17 and after the age of 60. Wisdom teeth are the last molars to erupt in the mouth. The reason why they are called 20-year-old females is that they last between the ages of 17-23. Most people have a total of four 20-year-old teeth, one each on the right and left of the lower and upper jaws. Some people may have less than four wisdom teeth, while others may not form at all. The reason why wisdom teeth can’t find a place in the mouth is that the jaw structure shrinks over time as a result of the human generation being fed soft foods. It is not clear when it will bother you; After the age of 15-17, it can disturb you at any time, or it may not bother you at all and last like your other solid teeth and serve you for a lifetime. But don’t be surprised if a 60-year-old bothers you, a 20-year-old female has no age.

Hemen Ara
Yol Tarifi