Do Amalgam Fillings Threaten Health?

Does Not Lose Mercury Toxicity
I doubt you didn’t know that mercury is highly toxic in both metallic and inorganic or organic form. Amalgam filling contains approximately 50-54 percent metallic mercury, and amalgam filling is an alloy, not a compound. That is, it is a mixture of various metals. Mercury is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature under normal conditions, and in order to be used as a dental filling, it must be converted into an alloy form with some other metals, and its physical properties must be adapted to the filling material by taking solid form. The mercury contained in the amalgam does not lose any of its metallic mercury properties and toxicity chemically. It is a fact that the mercury in amalgam is loaded into the body for 24 hours through the respiratory tract in the form of metallic and organic mercury compounds, bacterial activities in the oral flora and the gastrointestinal tract with other metals in the alloy. The half-life of the mercury accumulated in the body is 18 years, even if there is no additional loading with amalgam filling, foods and environmental effects.

Exposure to Mercury Causes Infertility

It has been mentioned frequently in the world for the last 50 years, and hundreds of scientific studies have been carried out on it; Amalgam dental fillings, which are either completely banned or severely restricted in many European and Asian countries such as Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Russia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, are unfortunately not available in Turkey. it is still used very widely, in an uncontrolled manner, at a rate of 75 percent. It appears to be a significant threat to public health.

Affects the Brain

In scientific studies; It has been determined that mercury precipitates most and primarily in the brain tissue. Mercury, which precipitates in the Pineal region of the brain, where the sleep hormone is produced, and the pituitary, which is the “command and control center” of the body’s entire hormonal system, quickly disrupts the activities there and reduces the sleep quality of the person. It also causes an increase in stress hormones. Again, due to the deterioration of pituitary functions, we regret to see that the underlying factor is mostly chronic mercury poisoning, in a further examination of people who have had to undergo in vitro fertilization treatment many times, who have been tried for years to be treated for problems such as menstrual disorders, hormonal problems and infertility. Except for the brain and associated nerve tissues, mercury is most precipitated in the bone marrow. Immune system cells produced under mercury exposure are activated unnecessarily as a result of a series of possible reactions and begin to produce antibodies. The natural result of this is allergic diseases if you are lucky, and autoimmune diseases if you are unlucky. Autoimmune diseases; It is a common name given to diseases in which the immune system loses its friend-foe distinction and attacks innocent cells belonging to other organs of the body and causes tissue damage and loss of function there. There are about 100 diseases defined in this group and they currently constitute the most chronic, most persistent and intractable diseases of medicine. Autoimmune diseases are mostly incurable or require lifelong suppression treatments with heavy drugs.

Heavy Metal Disrupts Bone Marrow

Currently, the usual medical practices are focused on suppressing the immune system for life, not on the causes of the immune system behaving in this way and correcting these causes. However, when the case is viewed from a broad perspective, it is seen that toxicological reasons such as exposure to a group of toxic substances, led by heavy metals, at very low doses but for long periods, are rooted in such problems due to their special interest in bone marrow.

Causes Reproductive Problems

In another study published in 1987, a significant difference was determined between the total amount of mercury in the hair and reproductive disorders such as abortion and stillbirth in 81 female dentists compared to the control group, and the relationship between mercury exposure in dentists and reproductive disorders was proven. It is already clearly stated on the warning labels on amalgam filling boxes that ‘it can cause birth defects and similar reproductive system disorders’.

Hemen Ara
Yol Tarifi