Crowding Treatment with Aesthetic Wires

The metal braces seen on the teeth have been replaced by transparent braces that do not affect the social lives of the patients. Thanks to the removable ergonomic transparent plaques, aesthetic concerns are eliminated and a more comfortable treatment process is experienced. There is no excuse to live with crooked teeth.

It will be a topic that will be read with enthusiasm by young, middle-aged and older individuals who want to correct their crooked teeth or gaps in their teeth but do not want to have braces installed. In the treatment of crooked teeth, conventional metal braces are now being replaced by transparent plaques that do not affect the social life of patients. So, how is this treatment, which we call wire-free orthodontics, applied with transparent aligners? First of all, detailed examinations of the patients who come to the clinic are carried out, their photos are taken and a decision is made on how to plan. Then, the teeth of the patients are scanned with special cameras and digital measurements are taken. These digital measurements are sent over the internet to the laboratory in Switzerland. In the laboratory, a model is obtained from the patient’s measurements using 3D printers. Finally, the production of transparent plaques that patients will use during the treatment begins.


The purpose of transparent aligners is to gradually bring the teeth of the patients to the required position. The number and duration of the treatment varies according to the degree of crowding. Patients wear each plaque on their teeth for one or two weeks, for the amount of time their doctor tells them. In the meantime, the teeth come to the position of the plate used by the patient with very heavy movements. The patient then takes the new plate from the doctor under the control of the doctor, and this time the teeth gradually come to the position of the new plate. In this way, with the use of each subsequent plate, the teeth straighten a little more and the appearance of the teeth approaches their final shape. Patients complete their treatment by regularly using all of their plates under the control of their doctors. Wireless orthodontic treatment becomes a simple and easy part of your daily life without any complaints or troubles. There are no metal wires or brackets, so there is no need to worry about mouth irritations. Aligners are very comfortable to use and can be easily removed while eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.


Thanks to the extraordinary method of wireless orthodontics that changes smiles, you hardly realize that you are being treated. Invisalign aligners will allow you to straighten your teeth without any shyness as they are transparent and hard to spot when inserted. When you have an important meeting or an invitation to attend, you can always remove the aligners for that short window of time. Orthodontics is the specialty of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. The orthodontics department treats not only teeth, but also lower and mid-face irregularities. The branch of orthodontics examines the position of the lower and upper jaws relative to the skull base and to each other, and the relations of the teeth in three dimensions. With the newly developing applications in wireless orthodontics; For many treatments, the age limit has now disappeared. Although there are treatment options for adult patients, orthodontic treatments are carried out successfully with aesthetic approaches and patient satisfaction and comfort. Wireless orthodontic treatment can be applied at any age. If there is no skeletal problem and there is only crowding in the teeth, these disorders can be corrected with mouthpieces specially prepared for each age. The age of the patient only affects the duration of the movement and the treatment. However, if there is a skeletal problem, the treatment of these disorders can be corrected with orthopedic treatment approaches until the end of adolescence. In the adult period, such skeletal problems can be corrected with orthodontic treatment carried out together with orthognathic surgical operations. Basically, the main goals of orthodontic treatment are; improving chewing and speaking function, helping to provide better oral hygiene, providing aesthetics and providing psychological support by increasing the patient’s self-confidence in society. Orthodontics can also contribute to the patient’s nasal breathing by working with ear-nose-throat specialists. It also collaborates with plastic surgeons or maxillofacial surgeons in solving skeletal problems in adult patients and in the treatment of babies and children with cleft lip and palate. Good news for those who want to receive braces but do not want to wear braces in order to treat crowding in their teeth: Thanks to ergonomic transparent plaques that can be inserted and removed, both aesthetic concerns are eliminated and a more comfortable treatment process is experienced. There is no excuse to live with crooked teeth.


Orthodontic treatment is a very popular form of treatment that allows teeth and jawbones to be corrected with braces. Adults, who saw the success of orthodontics in children, wanted to have the treatments that they did not have at a younger age or because of impossibilities, after the age of 30-40, but they gave up because they were worried that the appearance of the brackets would affect their social life this time. Because of this problem, it became inevitable to increase orthodontic treatment options and to make the materials used more aesthetic. The most important innovation in adult orthodontic treatments is digital wireless orthodontic treatment. The most important difference from the traditional treatments that we do permanently is that it is done by means of removable transparent plates. First of all, in our first examination, it is decided whether the person can be treated with these weights. If appropriate, a couple of impressions are taken from the upper and lower teeth. But these measurements are taken with new technology special cameras. The treatment is planned by the center abroad. With the technical team and full computer support, the treatment is detailed and the plaques that will perform your treatment are prepared untouched by hand. In about a week, the plaques are prepared abroad and offered to the patient’s use.

Can Be Removed On Demand

Transparent plaques, the most important advantage of which can be removed at any time, are made of a very thin and light material. It can be used easily during the day and while sleeping, in meetings, while writing. We can’t just use it while eating. The success of the results has also been scientifically proven. Digital wireless orthodontic treatment has brought a new breath to adult treatments and seems to be an excellent treatment alternative. People who have crooked teeth and are unhappy with it; You can take a step by learning whether treatments with clear aligners are suitable for you.

Hemen Ara
Yol Tarifi